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European Parliament Approves EU Energy Infrastructure Regulation in First Reading

The European Commission put forward on 11 October 2011 a proposal for a regulation on Guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure (COM(2011)658). The regulation is part of the EU Energy Infrastructure Package which is financially supported by the Connecting Europe Facility (CPE).
Yesterday, on 12 March 2013, the European Parliament adopted  in first reading in plenary session, which opens for final adoption of the text after approval by the Council. 
The regulation aims to ensure the "timely development and interoperability of priority corridors and areas of trans-European energy infrastructure"
- It establishes criteria for identification the priority corridors and areas which are further defined in Annex I to the Regulation. The categories covered include infrastructures related to electricity, oil, gas and carbon dioxide. The concept of "infrastructure" is defined broadly, but has been refined through negotiations. 
- The Projects of Common Interest (P…

New funding of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Projects Awaited for 3 April 2013 (European Commission)

The European Commission services, DG Climate Action, announced on 4 March 2013 that it will launch a second call for proposals under the so-called NER300 programme on 3 April 2013, with a deadline for application on 3 July (approximately).
NER300 aims to provide financial support to commercial demonstration CCS projects as well as demonstration projects of innovative renewable technologies.
Under the first bidding round, no successful offer had been selected by lack of compliance with the selection criteria.
This news will be updated shortly.