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The EU Environment Ministers agree to speed up the process of EU ratification of the Paris Agreement (UNFCCC)

Hereafter is reproduced a part of the press release from the Council of the European Union agreement reached on 30 September to speed up the process of ratification of the Paris Agreement, and detailing the institutional process for it. 

On 30 September 2016, the Council agreed to speed up the process of ratification of the Paris Agreement. This agreement sets the framework for global action on climate change. The Council decided to go ahead with ratification at EU level. Member states will ratify either together with the EU if they have completed their national procedures, or as soon as possible thereafter. To open the way for EU ratification, ministers endorsed a Council decision on EU conclusion of the agreement and asked the European Parliament for its consent. Once the European Parliament gives its green light, the decision on conclusion will be formally adopted by the Council. The EU will then be able to ratify the agreement.
Full press release available HERE.

The future of the DSO and TSO relationship - A look at the September 2016 CEER position paper

Energy networks and their operators are facing tremendous challenges as their role diversifies and the nature and number of actors they are collaborating with change. As challenging this can be, network operators should also turn it into opportunities, which will probably include more coordination along the value chain. This leads to greater interactions between the transmission and distribution levels of the energy system.

In that context, the recent position paper from the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) offers a timely reflection on "the Future DSO and TSO relationship" (DSO and TSO standing respectively for Distribution System Operator and Transmission System Operator). Hereafter are summarised and commented some of the main points addressed by CEER in its paper.