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Dutch Court rules that the Dutch state must take further action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Urgenda vs. the State of The Netherlands)

Here is a link to today's decision from The Hague District Court in case Urgenda Foundation vs. the State of The Netherlands. The Court ruled that the Dutch state "must" take more action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in The Netherlands.

The operative part of the decision states that:

The court:
5.1. orders the State to limit the joint volume of Dutch annual greenhouse gas emissions, or have them limited, so that this volume will have reduced by at least 25% at the end of 2020 compared to the level of the year 1990, as claimed by Urgenda, in so far as acting on its own behalf; ...

Nytt innlegg: "Et offensivt og sammenhengende grønt diplomati for Norge" (for Norsk Klimastiftelse)

Spørsmålet var: Hvordan bør Norge bidra til det globale grønne skiftet?

Mitt svar:
"Norge bør utvikle en offensiv diplomatisk strategi for det grønne skiftet – i samsvar med en klar og sammenhengende utenrikspolitikk innen miljø, petroleum og energi. ... " Les hele mitt svar i form av en artikkel i rapporten «Slik kan Norge gjøre en forskjell», gitt ut av Norsk Klimastiftelse i juni 2015.

Les resten av innlegget HER.

New chronicle: "For an ambitious and coherent green diplomacy in Norway"

The questionwas:How shall Norwaycontribute toglobal energy transition?
My answer:
"Norwayshoulddevelopan ambitious diplomaticstrategyfor the energy transition -in accordancewitha clearand coherentforeign policywithin environmental protection,petroleumandenergy.

... " Read my full answerin the form ofan article inthe report "HowcanNorwaymake a difference", which was released by theNorwegianClimateFoundationinJune 2015.

Read the restof my postHERE. (in Norwegian)

If you are interested in a translation, please send me an e-mail.