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Q&A on Shale Gas by the Telegraph-Journal - A Canadian Perspective (Updated)

The Canadian Telegraph-Journal is publishing all this week a series of articles in the form of Q&A on shale gas. The exercise is both instructive as regards shale gas and the latest developments in Canada and in New Brunswick in particular.

The first article (to read HERE) addresses the following issues:

1. What is shale gas?

2. Where are the biggest shale gas deposits in New Brunswick?

3. What is horizontal drilling?

4. What is fracking?

5. Does fracking cause earthquakes?

The second article (to be read HERE) addresses the following issues:

6. What chemicals are added to water used in fracking?

7. What are the sources of water used in fracking and where does the water go after the fracking?

8. Have water sources, such as drinking water wells, ever been contaminated by fracking?