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Evening seminar series: Key Tenets of Mineral Resource Regulation, 3-5 April, Faculty of Law, Oslo. Register now!

The Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, University of Oslo, and the South African Research Chair on Mineral Law in Africa (MLiA), University of Cape Town, invite you to an evening seminar series on "The Key Tenets of Mineral Resource Regulation" on 3, 4 and 5 April 2018 (4-7 pm).


The transition to renewable energy around the globe, as well as technological advancements in energy storage batteries, the automobile and other industries, is escalating the demand for rare earth metals and minerals. As a result, the face of mining is changing, testing the boundaries of existing legislation. In the wake of this upcoming new gold rush, it is imperative that legal frameworks are in place to ensure that all stakeholders obtain maximum benefits and protection from these increased extractive activities, and that common interests and values are properly managed and preserved.

The seminar will offer participants the opportunity to acquire and develop their knowledge of mining and minerals law, through a review of its key structuring principles related to ownership, acquisition of rights, exploitation models and environmental protection.

Taking a comparative approach between Norway and South Africa, the two partners of the MENSA educational project, this seminar will build on practical illustrations from national regulation.


The seminar series is structured around 3 specific aspects of mineral resource regulation, which are:

1/ Mineral tenure system and agreements: ownership, rights and investment protection;
2/ Social and environmental obligations;
3/ Offshore mining regulation.

Participants can choose to participate to the whole seminar series or just to attend the day(s) of their choice.

TIME AND PLACE: 3-4-5 April 2018, from 4 pm to 7 pm, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, “Kjerka”, Karl Johansgt. 47.


The seminars are free of charge, but registration is mandatory.


See you there!