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EFTA Suveillance Authority: The Lease Agreement for Solar Collector Akershus Energipark is not a State Aid

The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) concluded today, based on the report of an independent expert, that the lease agreement between the municipality of Skedsmo and Akershus Energi Varme AS doest not entail elements of state aid. The lease agreement concerns the Akershus Energipark, an innovation project which includes the construction of a solar collector plant (30.000 m2) on the park area. The lease agreement was concluded on 3 December 2009 for a duration of at least 10 years. The independent expert concluded that the value of the agreed rent corresponded to the market value, which entails that the municipality did not forego income by renting out the park area below market value. The private investor test is consequently passed, there is no involvement of state resources in the meaning of Article 61.1 EEA Agreement, and consequently no state aid.

Reference: Press release, ESA, 13.04.2011.