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Detailed List of Permitted Generation Plants under the Green Certificates Scheme (Norway)

The Norwegian Energy Regulatory (NVE) released today a "dynamic list" of the generation plants which have applied for a permit to obtain green certificates (elsertifikater) under the national scheme. As of 23 July 2012:

- 62 plants have been authorised (61 hydropower plants for a total of 71,20 MW, and 1 windpark for å generation capacity of 1,60 MW = 72,80 MW);
- 3 plants have seen their application rejected (3 hydropower plants for a total capacity of 4,50 MW).

There are still many applications which remain to be examined by NVE in addition to these plants (NVE mentionned 140 in June), the majority of which concerns hydropower and one bioenergy project.