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Electricity Bill Comparison Tools: A US Example

Today I would like to share with you an article sent by the team of Compare Electricity Rates. The latter aims to facilitate comparison between electricity providers in the United States, as well as help customers understand their electricity bill. It provide two comparative toools: "Compare Electricity Bills by State" and "Compare Electricity Usage by State". 

Some of these tasks are undertaken in Europe by competition authorities or energy regulators. Private driven websites are also making public comparison tools. Making electric bills more transparent and comparing prices are fundamental for the protection of electricity customers rights. At EU level, I refer to the works of the Citizens' Energy Forum (so-called London Forum). In November 2010, the EU Commission adopted a Staff Working Paper on "An Energy Policy for Consumers" (SEC(2010) 1407 final).

Read the latest article published by Compare Electricity Rates here:

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